Monday, June 24, 2013

VBAC Hopeful?

Good morning!  I put the question mark because there are often doubts about VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). In fact most women I meet who have already had a cesarean are surprised when I tell them I am hoping to avoid surgery this time around.
Let's start with Brock's birth story.  I like to say it was an error of interventions.  As a first time mom I was naive and truly thought my experience would be very normal and go exactly as I planned! At 39 weeks I had not started dilating, no biggie I still had time. At 40 weeks, nothing! And then I got the induction talk.  It was scheduled at 40wks 5 days.  Still not worried I had almost a week to get this party started on my own. Our induction day came and I walked into labor and delivery determined to stay out of bed as long as possible.  Our Dr walked in and within an hour of checking in my water had been broken and the pitocin was started.  Oh and I still hadn't dilated! every couple of hours our very nice nurse would come in and increase the pitocin. Slowly I was making progress. By 11 I was at 3 cm. I stayed there for hours. The pain was awful. And I wasn't making progress. I decided on the epidural.  After only taking on one side the anestesiologist upped my dose and I was completely numb. In my heart I knew I wouldnt be able to push.  Then I heard it. The littke heartbeat on the monitor had slowed significantly. The nurses rushed in to turn me, give me oxygen. It helped some but the dr was in and giving me the cesarean talk.  They were worried the cord might be around his neck,  or maybe it was too stressful for him. I think the epidural is what effected him. But regardless I was wheeled into the operating room and they got him out. There was no cord around his neck, but it take what felt like an eternity to hear him cry. They didn't lift him up over the curtain. My first glimpse f him was from the picture my husband took. Then they brought him to my face so I could kiss him. My arms were strapped down s o I couldn't hold him or touch him until I was brought back to my room. And because of the meds I needed some help nursing but he was a natural and I instantly fell in love. He is a perfectly healthy almost 2 year old now and I couldn't be more grateful.
This time around there is a very good chance I will end up in the OR again. Most drs are worried about complications, the 1% chance that my uterus will rupture at my incision scar.
I will not be induced this time, I must go into labor on my own. And my drs will use an interns l monitor and epidural to monitor for complications and incase there is an emergency.
I've already started giving baby Miles peptalks, once October hits he can come whenever he wants. And I plan to labor at home as long as possible. Only time will tell. As long as I am holding this sweet little boy in my arms I will be happy!

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