Thursday, June 19, 2014


Do you ever have one of those days where you just feel defeated?

I think moms must feel like this all the time. Please don't tell  me I'm alone! Well its been one of those weeks. I feel completely bogged down but at the end of the day have nothing to show of it. Yes my boys are healthy, happy, fed, and clean (most of the time), but sometimes I feel like it isn't enough. There are dirty dishes in the sink, laundry that needs to be done, and don't even get me started on the floors!

I am overwhelmed! This past weekend my Aunt Gerry passed away and I wish I could be in Massachusetts with my family to say goodbye. And tomorrow Miles and I are headed to Austin for my cousin's wedding. It will be his first trip on an airplane and to say I'm a little anxious is putting it lightly.

I attempted to do some yoga this morning. If you have kids you know how difficult this is. I was hoping it would help me clear my head and relax, but I think it just made it worse. My almost 3 year old, Brock, is in the "Why" phase. "Why mama?" "Why?", "but Why?" My 8 month old, Miles is crawling and into everything. "Don't eat those wires Miles", "don't put that in your mouth". Plus he has severe separation anxiety ( I self diagnosed it, he's a Mama's boy for sure). My patience is low. Trying to just breath....only 3 more hours until naptime!

Tell me moms, What do you do when you feel defeated?

Side note: I am working on making this much prettier with pictures and such, but this is not the week :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

7th Inning Stretch

So here I am, 7 months into my gig as a stay at home mom, and what a ride it has been. Being a mom is the hardest, most fun, messiest, craziest, most rewarding jobs hands down. Although there are things I miss about my life before kids, I cant imagine being in that space. As I sit here listening to my 7 month old crying his heart out, hoping I will come and rescue him from the evilness that is his crib and naptime, I am reflecting on what I have learned thus far.
1. My house will never be fully clean for more than 5 minutes (unless everyone is sleeping, or the boys are with Mimi!) I have tried those Pinterest charts "how to keep your house clean in just 15 minutes a day" FAIL. Either I miss one of my "small tasks" and put it off until tomorrow, or Hurricane Brock comes through to destroy it all!
2. Sleep will never be the same. This is not entirely new to me. I do have an almost 3 year old, so I was well prepared for the middle of the night feedings. However, when you have 2 little ones at home it isn't as easy to catch up on my sleep during naptime. Especially when I cant sync their naps, or i'm busy doing one of my small tasks from #1!
3. Boys are messy!!! All kids are messy, but boys especially, and they can be smelly too! Right now my oldest just loves to talk about all kinds of bodily functions, especially farts! I can thank my husband for that one!
4. Sometimes being a mom can be very lonely. As entertaining as my boys are, sometimes mommy needs some adult conversation. It isn't so easy to head out for a drink or dinner with the girls. arrangements need to be made. Im still breastfeeding the baby so that takes planning, plus he is a little bit of a mama's boy so he doesn't do well with extended hours away from mommy
5. I said my boys were smelly. Ive been pretty smelly too lately! With the summer heat, and trying to sneak in a workout when I can, sometimes I my go the whole day in the same sweaty oufit without a shower until 9pm! Gross huh! But I'm a boy mom so being smelly is ok!
6. Calendars are great! Sometimes most days I cant remember what day of the week it is. They all tend to blend together. So when I remember to write things down and take a look at the calendar, its great!
7. I wouldn't change anything! I'll take the good and the bad. The sleepless nights and the laughing parties. This time is so very precious and I am truly blessed to be able to spend it with these two little love bugs!

I think Ive let this little guy cry long enough. Time for some mama cuddles! until next time!