Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year...AGAIN!

Well to say I failed at this blog would be putting it lightly! 1 year ago I commited to documenting our lives and here I am 1 year later and this is my second post! I guess you could say we've been busy!

So here we go, 2012 in review.
January:first time eating "real" food
February:I ran 2 half marathons, we went to Animal Kingdom, and had our first official date night post baby (only took us 7 months!)
March:First trip to the beach
April:hmmm for some reason I cant think of anything for this month!
May: first "official" mother's day
June:first airplane trip to see Grandma in Tennessee
August: First day of school, and Mommy's first overnight trip
September: LEGOLAND
October: Trick-or-Treating x3, We are Pros!
November:We welcomed our new neice, Olivia!
December:Lots of Christmas visitors!

These were the major happenings in 2012. Of course there were plenty of little events and this is why I WILL be update this regularly!